The Founders

Roy studied massage before conquering the corporate world, releasing 2 independent albums, 4 musicals and finally returning to the healing arts. He achieved this through the power of music with his business Write On and it’s award winning “song writing experience” which has been utilised within community youth groups, the Interfaith network, the United Nations for their ‘peace torch’ message and even played a big part in bringing the dying with dignity campaign back into the spotlight. Maintaining his interest in massage, Roy travelled extensively during his corporate years, exploring and seeking out local massage based healing techniques and customs from around the world.

Sarah also has a strong background in performance with a focus on dance and drama. She was introduced to healing after adverse effects to epileptic medications. She became passionate about helping others once achieving her goal of re-structuring her brain as well as her mind-body connections in order to free herself from medications completely. While raising her two young kids in the North East Victorian countryside she received education in light and energy work, crystal healing, Body Talk as well as relaxation, Lomi lomi and remedial massage. Having given her children a carefree country-style childhood she decided it was time to teach them a little more about the world and expand her own horizons by bringing her little family and her skills to Templestowe.

Within weeks of her new Melbourne life Sarah met Roy and the two started performing together. With Roy’s guitar in hand and Sarah’s dance they took to the stage and streets entertaining and sharing the gift of music and dance. They soon realised that with both having a background in massage and Sarah’s healing abilities they could learn more from each other in this feild and together were given the opportunity to broadened their knowledge base, being gifted Reiki practitioners training from an Indian Reiki master. By bringing all their skills together, solidified by a deep soul connection they have developed and are able to provide people with a healing experience like no other.