The Shiva Shakti Experience

Lose yourself in the synchronicity of 4 hands and absorb the masculine and feminine energies of two souls locked in motion, rhythm, symmetry and love. Evoking pleasures and body harmonies, this full bodied oil based massage unites Swedish & Lomi Lomi with Chinese techniques, along with energy/light work, Reiki and sound therapy.
Awakening ones true sensuality by blissfully rejuvenating self-love through pure hedonism, “The Shiva Shakti Experience” stimulates all five of the senses and challenges boundaries of the sixth.
Provided with the safety, care and professionalism of a couple who take their craft very seriously and aim to deliver the most comfortable and trusting environment one can find themselves in.

The Experience

The Shiva Shakti Experience is a 4 handed massage, healing and pamper package created by Sarah Hadley and Roy Kossena and delivered in an ambient space, warmed to a pleasant temperature, with soft lighting, scented candles and a hint of incense to set the mood.

With the union of masculine and feminine; the Shiva and the Shakti, combining their hearts and souls with a love and devotion that is then poured into your being, while every cell in your body is nurtured, cleansed and stimulated with a variety of modalities and techniques including Reiki, Sound Therapy, Chakra Clearing and more. All this delivered during a luxurious 4 handed, Lomi lomi style massage by 2 therapists working in a synchronised flow with one another to leave you in a state of bliss that will send your senses soaring and have your soul floating far beyond the 9th cloud.

The experience is best enjoyed and most beneficial with our  standard massage style, the Hawaiian originated Lomi lomi. However we can adapt the massage to suit those who may be uncomfortable with the amount of oil used or would prefer to be completely draped when being massaged.

With the ability to heal emotional wounds of old, secure self re-connections, re-instill long broken trust and so much more. All with a pampering like no other. This is guaranteed to be an experience you won’t forget!

Reviews and Feedback

‘Can only say AWESOME things about Roy KossenaSarah Angela Hadley & their Shiva Shakti Experience!

Seriously the best feelings ever & you’ll be doing yourselfs all a favour by booking in for a session with these professionals!’ – Dougal Austin


“A Sensation Smorgasbord!” – Dana


‘My shiva shakti experience was a profound merging of devotional touch, sensual pleasure and deep self connection. The synergy between Roy and Sarah was transmitted to every cell in my body. It was the touch of the union of the god/goddess. This experience is for anyone who wants to heal wounds of the inner masculine/ inner feminine. For those that want to feel more pleasure and connection to the whole body. For those who hold a desire to let go, to surrender. To dissolve. You can.’ – Winter Jade Icely


 ‘Wow I highly recommend the Shiva Shakti healing massage to anyone and everyone!!!!

I’m on such a high right now just buzzing feeling so happy, so relaxed, clear, cleansed and reenergised! BIG THANK YOU TO Roy AND Sarah!!   I can’t thank you enough for what you guys did for me today! Was so healing, cleansing, relaxing and reenergising. Such an incredible beautiful experience to have both of your loving healing and beautiful energy combined, four warm hands massaging me at the same time, sound healing with singing bowls, hot oil, relaxing meditation music, incense and crystals… in your warm ambient healing home and massage room!   I’m so grateful thank you both so much and soooo much love to you both.’ –Monica


‘I couldn’t recommend more highly a massage where you are surrounded by love and your spirit held with such respect’. – Elisabeth


‘Never have I experienced something so healing and relaxing. Straight from the moment I walked through the door Roy and Sarah did everything to make me feel comfortable and at peace.

From the soothing sounds of the healing bowls I instantly knew this was going to be a special experience and not just your standard massage. The next bit was my favourite as it was truly unique, lightly testing the sensations on my body, but I won’t give away the details as it was a pleasant surprise.

The massage was lomi lomi style, with plenty of warm oil. The oil was heavenly on my skin. After the oil was poured I quickly lost myself in the massage, only aware of the four hands soothing my muscles and knots like some sort of Hindu god. Roy and Sarah worked in unison so well that I felt like they were connected as they gifted the experience, and though I tried in my relaxed state I could not figure out whose hands were Roys and whose were Sarah’s. Everything muscle group they worked they worked together, taking opposites sides of my body or one taking the top half and one the bottom.

As someone who is very cautious about touch and trust, I felt totally safe and comfortable with them both the entire time. I could feel through their hands that they were healing me and I found I trusted them completely, which is very important when you have two people working on your body and state of mind.

At the end of the massage the healing bowls rang out again and as I lay there afterwards I felt so at peace and so centered. These feelings continued for the next few days. It was a magical experience and I will definitely be going back for another one. 10/10!’ –Yolan


‘Roy and Sarah provided a truly unique and loving lomi lomi experience.

I felt instantly at ease with their touch, working in support of one another and my body.

I felt like I could abandon my thoughts and relax into the warm and intermingling embrace of the masculine and feminine.

On the massage table my inner child opened to a moment of pure solace on a white sandy beach.
I felt the loving hands of my mother on my face and the nurturing waves of the sea cradling my legs.

Thank you Roy and Sarah for your open exchange of nurturing energy and an experience I’ll never forget.’ –Rachel


‘I had the pleasure of receiving the Shiva-Shakti experience the other day!! A beautiful Lomi Lomi Massage by Sarah Angela Hadley and Roy Kossena (Body to Soul.)

To have two beautiful people work on my tired body was so lush. I felt held by the masculine and feminine energy, It was a healing experience and i was lost in a wonderland of melting oil and hands. Thanks so much!! The energy you two have is centred and calming. Anyone looking for a different experience with a two person Lomi Lomi Massage, contact these talented beings. Much Love. Bliss.’ –Gina

The Founders

Roy studied massage before conquering the corporate world, releasing 2 independent albums, 4 musicals and finally returning to the healing arts. He achieved this through the power of music with his business Write On and it’s award winning “song writing experience” which has been utilised within community youth groups, the Interfaith network, the United Nations for their ‘peace torch’ message and even played a big part in bringing the dying with dignity campaign back into the spotlight. Maintaining his interest in massage, Roy travelled extensively during his corporate years, exploring and seeking out local massage based healing techniques and customs from around the world.

Sarah also has a strong background in performance with a focus on dance and drama. She was introduced to healing after adverse effects to epileptic medications. She became passionate about helping others once achieving her goal of re-structuring her brain as well as her mind-body connections in order to free herself from medications completely. While raising her two young kids in the North East Victorian countryside she received education in light and energy work, crystal healing, Body Talk as well as relaxation, Lomi lomi and remedial massage. Having given her children a carefree country-style childhood she decided it was time to teach them a little more about the world and expand her own horizons by bringing her little family and her skills to Templestowe.

Within weeks of her new Melbourne life Sarah met Roy and the two started performing together. With Roy’s guitar in hand and Sarah’s dance they took to the stage and streets entertaining and sharing the gift of music and dance. They soon realised that with both having a background in massage and Sarah’s healing abilities they could learn more from each other in this feild and together were given the opportunity to broadened their knowledge base, being gifted Reiki practitioners training from an Indian Reiki master. By bringing all their skills together, solidified by a deep soul connection they have developed and are able to provide people with a healing experience like no other.

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